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As a former resident of Alaska, I was always involved with the outdoors and physical activities. I skied in the winter and mountain biked in the summer. I also trained in Tae Kwon Do earning my 3rd degree black belt. When I moved to Texas, I searched for a new challenge. My search resulted in the start of my endurance racing career starting with my first marathon and culminating in the completing of my first Ironman triathlon. I have been involved in triathlon for the past six years. I have love being a student of the sport and strive to learn as much as possible about the science of triathlon. I became a USAT Level 1 certified last year because I wanted to give back to the sport. I have embraced the science of the sport and enjoy using the data to help athletes perform at their greatest potential.

Recent Accomplishments:

• 4 time Ironman Finisher
• 6 time Half-Ironman Finisher
• 3 time Boston qualifier