Sometimes being Negative is a good thing!

Negative Split Racing Goes to Hawaii in 2018!

February 18-23, 2018

King Kamehamehas
75-5660 Palani Rd
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

First Negative Split Racing Hawaii Camp!

Come train in Hawaii while in most cases it is cold at home.  The camp is designed for all levels and abilities.  Training will be on the course of the root of our sport.  Come swim in the beautiful ocean, ride on the Queen K to Hawi and back and enjoy some of the challenging parts of the IM run.  

** While this is the first Negative Split Racing Camp in Hawaii, Coach Gerald has 10+ years of knowledge on the course traveling each year to train and coach.

Show up and enjoy training in the warmth of the sun in Hawaii!


$500 Registration:  Register now!

King Kamehamehas - working for rate:
Kona Sea Side - working for rate:

Tentative Agenda:

Feb 18-23, 2017
Sun - Athlete checkin/meet and greet
Mon - Swim/Bike/Run Fun
Tue - Swim/Bike - Run Hill Repeats/Ask The Coaches (Lava Java)
Wed - Bike Fun Hawi and back
Thu - Swim/Bike/Run drills(optional)/Ask The Coaches (Lava Java)
Fri - Swim TT/Bike TT/Run TT Fun/Closing

** Swim: Lifeguard and kayak support 
** Bike: SAG supported included and many distance options
** Run: Course fluids provided

Bike Works: shipping and bike rental

Transfer/Refund Policy:
No transfers for liability reasons
Full Refund Until November 30, 2017
50% Refund Until December 31, 2017
No Refunds after December 31, 2017
All refunds must be submitted in writing to: and received and confirmed by the previous mentioned date schedule.