Sometimes being Negative is a good thing!


....... from ..... TX, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!

This can be you November 20, 2012!

Have you wondered what it would take to become an Ironman but just not sure how to make it happen? Well now you have the opportunity! Let Negative Split Racing guide you on your Ironman journey with NSR's first training program with IM Arizona, on November 20, 2012 as the target.

Ironman Arizona Training Program...

  • Program Duration: 9 months, starting in late February through November
  • Group Training Plan Price:
Breaks down to $100/month for NSR and TRI Community members
Breaks down to $110/month for NON members

Half due on February 28, 2012 with remaining balance due June 30, 2012
Pay in full discounts available
  • Personalized Training Plan (Coached) Price:
  • What you get:
$100 off NSR Summer Camp 2012
Training Peaks Account
  • Basic account for Group Training Plan
  • Premium account for Personal Coached Clients
  • Bike/Run Heart Rate Testing
Group Training Plan clients will get tested at the beginning and before the event
Personally Coached Clients will be tested an additional time mid program
  • Training Plans
Group Training Plan includes a canned schedule with daily emails for workouts (NO MODIFICATIONS provided for schedule changes)
Personal Coaching Clients will include a tailored plan to the individual's needs working around personal schedules along the way
  • 1 Ironman AZ specific workout per month
  • Peak weekend training opportunity with participation from Coach Gerald
  • Pre-Race meeting detailing all the logistics of the course and events
  • Coach On Site at IM Arizona
Coach Gerald will be on site to support the group for the event including logistics, short pre-race workouts

What more could one possibly ask for? NSR will provide everything you possibly need to complete Ironman Arizona! The only thing we won't do for you are the workouts! Sign up TODAY! For questions, email